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Smart Organization

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Uploading and storing all your creative and marketing files has never been easier. With Sparkfive, you can upload all file types including images, video, documents, presentations, and more. Allow all internal and external team members to access files from one centralized source in the cloud.


Search & find with ease

No longer search for assets in old emails or unorganized network drives. With Sparkfive, all your assets are easily found with our robust search functionality. Filter by tags, campaign titles, channel types, projects, file types and more. Faster workflows leads to more time for creating fantastic content.


Sync up the team

Align marketing and creative team members in a central place. Sparkfive allows teams to collaborate with comments on assets to simplify the production and review process. Get notified when comments are made and quickly move content to the next stage. Set up user roles and specific permissions to ensure users only have to access to what is relevant to them.


Share with Style

Get your files out to the right people and platforms. Sparkfive allows you to create custom branded collections where you can share groups of files with specific audiences. Create collections for your sales team, marketing agencies, distributors and other end users. Wow your partners while reinforcing your brand. Sparkfive also allows for seamless publishing of your content into all of your market channels. No more more constant downloading and uploading.


Safeguard your brand

Your assets are protected and controlled in a secure environment. Sparkfive uses AWS and takes advantage of the latest security protocols available. You have full control user roles and restrictions and can limit who has viewing, downloading and other access rights.


Get the royal treatment

The team at Sparkfive is here to help you along your journey in asset management. We offer white glove onboarding services to help you get started with ease. Let us  transfer your digital assets to the Sparkfive platform and set up your tagging and categorization. Once you are set up, we aren't going away. We are always here to help answer any questions and support you along the way

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