Digital Asset Management for Thriving Brands

Sparkfive empowers your team to easily store, organize and share your creative assets. Get content to market faster and maximize results.
Digital Asset Management for Thriving Brands

What is
Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management (DAM) is a cloud-based software system designed to help you store and manage your digital content including images, video, pdfs, MS office documents, and more. DAM is a cloud-based solution meaning you can upload, download, share and collaborate on your files at exceptional speed.

DAM systems, whether they’re for DTC brands or B2B manufacturers, are often thought to be accessible only for large enterprises, but companies like ours are focused on providing the very best for mid-size to smaller businesses as well.

Digital asset management platforms empower brands to create an organized content library where they can house all their files from PDFs to product listings and cinema-quality video. Having a strong DAM solution that you can count on saves time, money, all while going to market faster and growing your brand. Providing a single-source of truth, organizing creative assets, and growing brands is at the heart of digital asset management.

Why digital Asset Management?

Makes everything easy all around.

Quick, easy file access and sharing from anywhere, any time.

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Quick, easy file access and sharing from anywhere, any time.

Reduced operational costs, better return on investment.

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Reduced operational costs, better return on investment.

Most up-to-date content, better peace of mind.

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Assets are kept safe and secure, while protecting brand.

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Assets are kept safe and secure, while protecting brand.

Why Sparkfive?

We see your team members as people not users
We are focused on relationships and helping you hit your goals. We only succeed when your team is elevated. From migration to hitting full speed with your processes, we are there for you every step of the way.

Our customers love the results


found improved ease of use and access


found more applicable tools


found team collaboration greatly improved


found quicker flows and better campaign execution
“Sparkfive helped my team go to market faster with its filtering and distribution functionality. Our team has a better hub to execute from.”
Brian Saab
CEO & Founder, /Unearth
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Features to help your team succeed

We’ve equipped you and your team with all you need for better collaboration, organization, and getting projects launched quicker.

Our tool offers all you need, no matter what industry or size of your brand.
Centralized Platform
One tool for your project needs. Upload to one tool, organize in one tool, share, publish in one tool.
Flexible Storage
Customized plans to fit your team's needs. Expand as you grow and utilize archives to sunset files
Efficient Organization
Organizing, filtering, and tagging on another level. Keep your brand in tact.
Protected Assets
Having secured assets with the power of AWS means protected brands.
Features to help your team succeed

All of your assets in one place

Sparkfive is used to power teams with the intention of organizing their assts, launching campaigns and products, and protecting their brand. Our priority—you. We support you from day one.

Easy onboarding

We provide the most simple onboarding. Tour, sign up, get support.

Advanced security

We use AWS and the latest security protocols to protect your assets.

Dedicated support

Our team is here for you from day one to support you and your needs.

Sparkfive use cases

The many ways you can use Sparkfive to power your brand.

Got questions?

We’ve got answers.
QWhat is a digital asset?

A digital asset includes any form of digital content: photos, videos, gifs, PDFs, infographics, brochures, audio files, any digital content.

QWhy Sparkfive?

We make digital asset management easy for any brand or industry with advanced collaboration tools, security, and organization.

QWhat are the tools I need?

We’ve got you covered with our digital asset management tool and our marketing base to keep your teams and clients on track, organized, informed, productive, and succeeding.

QHow do I get started?

Simply schedule a tour with us to see our product in action.

QWhat’s CMS vs. DAM?

CMS is a Content Management System that helps you orgnaize and publish your editorial assets like articles, newsletters, and email campaigns.

DAM is a Digital Asset Management System where you can upload, store, organize, filter, and publish other digital assets like documents, videos, graphics, photos, and more.

QHow do I get help?

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you with any needs or questions you have.

Digital Asset Management

Take control of your assets—share, tag, filter, organize. Supercharge your content production and lead your team into success.

Sparkfive has transformed the way we go to market. Our marketing and sales teams are now in sync and we operate much more efficiently!

Digital Asset Management