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Manage your marketing in one place. Sparkfive helps marketing teams scale production while staying nimble

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Shared Marketing Calendar

Keep the team aligned, organized and firing on all cylinders. Sparkfive's ecommerce marketing software allows retailers to coordinate campaigns and projects on a shared marketing calendar.

Campaign Content Management

Build and manage marketing campaigns and projects. The Sparkfive platform provides a central hub where brilliant campaign ideas and content are formed, created, scheduled and distributed.

Collaboration & Workflow Management

Speed up your marketing production and streamline campaign execution. Sparkfive allows you to simplify communication between marketing and creative team members in one place and stay on top of status updates and deadlines.

Digital Asset Management

Store, organize, edit, and distribute all of your creative assets in one shared platform. Sparkfive's allows brands to maximize their content utilization while speeding up production times.

Campaign Analytics and Reporting

Pull in campaign reporting from all your channels. Sparkfive allows eCommerce marketing leaders to quantify campaign effectiveness and adapt to drive higher ROI

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